Nickolay Kolev - Founder and CEO

Nick Kolev - Founder
Nick has been in the software industry for over 18 years. His gig is managing software engineers and coding for companies using commercial and open source technologies with C#, Java and Ruby. Experienced in developing solutions that range from hyper-video to marketing and e-commerce, Nick is constantly on the lookout for problems that can be solved by better software. This habit of mind led to Wompr. The idea came to Nick while he was having breakfast with his family at a new bistro that wanted to bring in more customers. Nick is also a serial picture-taker and avid podcast-listener.

David McDonald, Director of Web

David McDonald
David moved back to Los Angeles from Paris in 2013. He enjoyed his work as a teacher and freelance photography assistant in Europe, but he hit the ground running when he discovered his aptitude for coding several years ago. He quickly landed the role of frontend developer at American Apparel where he met Nick and hopped on board with Wompr. David has dynamic interests and areas of expertise, making him an asset to any team or conversation. He has experience in technology, video games, music, and skateboarding. He also studies eclectic subjects such as transhumanism and deep space. Furthermore, David travels extensively with his wife and enjoys experiencing different cultures and considering new ways of looking at life.

Christo Stamboliev, Art Director

Christo Stamboliev
Christo is an artist, animator, and award-winning director who has been working in the Los Angeles animation industry for more than 15 years. His body of work includes popular TV shows like Curious George, Penguins of Madagascar, Rugrats, and currently Hail King Julien on Netflix. Christo has been awarded a Primetime Emmy Award, a Daytime Emmy Award, and numerous Emmy and Annie nominations for his work. Christo likes to stay active, thriving on sports and spending time outdoors.

Anthony Miller, Advisor

Anthony Miller
Anthony is the founder and Creative Director of millermedia7, with a vast knowledge of leading actionable and intimate digital experiences for brands. He acts as a steward to many, and is constantly leveraging new media to further millermedia7’s goals and mission. Anthony also has an interest in the arts, and has been known to act in film and other digital productions. A longtime member of the National Resource Defense Council, Anthony believes in sustaining the world through conservation and technology.