How Our Customer Referral Program Works

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Join Wompr and create your first rewards program

1. Select the right plan for your needs.

Select the right plan for your needs. The main differences between the Basic and Advanced plans are that with the Advanced plan you have the ability to create up to 3 campaigns (vs one with the Basic plan), and the option for your customers to leave reviews. It is up to you to decide, if the reviews from your customers are going to be automatically posted on their Facebook wall, or you will keep the reviews internally, and use the campaign as a customer satisfaction survey.

2. Login to create your account, using your Facebook credentials.

Once you select your plan, next step will be to start the account creation process. The first step is to login using your Facebook credentials. We use Facebook as our marketing and distribution platform, that is why we ask you to use your Facebook credentials for login, when opening an account with us. This way you don't have to remember yet another set of credentials to login, and it will make it easier to integrate your campaigns with social media distribution channels.

3. Associate Username and Email with your Wompr loyalty and rewards account.

After you successfully login with your Facebook credentials, we will ask you to choose a username you want to associate with your Wompr account, and provide a valid email address.
The username will not be used for login, but rather to identify you uniquely with our system. You can decide to use your Facebook username, we just didn't think is was right for us to make this decision, better give our users the flexibility to choose.
The email will be used to send you reports about your campaigns and social media reach, so it is imperative to enter a valid email address.

4. Enter the Required Information and Create Your Account.

Next, you will get to the page where you can start creating your account. To make this setup easy, please have this information handy:
1. Contact person (first name, last name, email)
2. Company name and address
3. Design your first loyalty program campaign
a) choose a name
b) come up with a good description for your loyalty program campaign
c) craft powerful message to be posted on your customers' walls, next to their comments
d) pick a good image to be posted along your customer's reviews; accepted file types are *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png. What we have found to be the best solution for creating and sharing images to Facebook is to build an image that is 1024 x 512 px. The file should be less than 3MB in size.
e) select a link, where customers will be navigated to, when they click on the image selected in the previous point
f) make sure you choose good start and end dates for your campaigns
4. Select a good reward to offer your customers
a) reward description
b) type (to redeem rewards, you decide if the users need to tap multiple times, or simply tap and be eligible to redeem their reward, or if you decide so - no reward at all)

Once your account is created and you have designed your campaign or campaigns, we will send you TapSpot Displays to place in your venue. We include with each account up to three displays free.

TapSpot displays

Display the TapSpot where customers can easily see it, tap and leave a review

81% of consumers are influenced by friends' social media posts. It is important to get in front of your customers trough social media sharing. This is exactly what Wompr does.

We have designed displays, which we call TapSpots, to make it quick and easy for your customers to share their experience. TapSpots are plastic displays, holding inserts with descriptions of your loyalty rewards program. The displays come in different sizes. The most popular displays hold letter size inserts and small ones are just 3 x 5 inches. Up to three displays are included with each account subscription, free of charge. You are welcome to mix different sizes and types of displays. We will offer you a template, branded with your company name and logo for the display inserts.

We also offer laminated prints, most applicable for restaurants and coffee shops. The waiters bring the laminated print with the bill and customers can easily share good words with their friends.

The best part is that customers have an easy way to share, while they are still with you, excited about your service or product.

Tap, share, done!

TapSpot displays

Encourage your customers to sing up for your rewards program

No loyalty program brings customers on its own. Your business has to actively pursue customers to join, explain them the benefits of your loyalty program, and offer valuable rewards. It is a campaign.

In most cases your employees are your agents to offer loyalty programs to your customers. They need to be trained and the offering needs to be included in their customer interaction routine.

Remember that every customer participating in your rewards program has 60-70% probability to become a regular customer.

TapSpot displays

Customers spread the word about your business among their friends on social media

Every time a customer shares their experience about using your services or products, they spread the words to more than 300 friends - this is how many friends each Facebook user has, according to Facebook data.

Once a customer's endorsement is automatically posted on their Facebook wall, it gets shared and will most likely spark conversations. Your customers will be asked about your business, your services and products. Your customers become advocate marketers for you.

They will advocate for you online and offline. This means your existing customers will educate their friends about your services and products. New customers, as one of our advisors said, come to your business already loyal to you.

The posts on your customers' wall will spark additional social shares and make your business more visible. This also has very positive effect as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice and bring more traffic to your website.

TapSpot displays

Employees help customers easily redeem their rewards with a click of a button

You need to offer good, compelling rewards to customers who agree to post a review or participate in your loyalty program. Think about rewards, that will make your customers smile and talk about it with their friends. The rewards you offer are not only your way to say 'thank you', but also should aim to spark conversations around your products and business.

You decide, if you want to offer rewards, that can be redeemed immediately after your customer leaves a review, or your customer needs to tap multiple times, before they can redeem. Each choice fits different cases and different types of businesses. If your business expects customers to come often, probably multiple taps work better. If they come once every couple of months, probably instant rewards will be a more appropriate choice. You also have the option to offer no rewards at all, if that suites best your campaign goals.

Once your customers have collected enough rewards points, next time they tap their phone, they will automatically be prompted with the option to redeem their reward. Your employees need to be familiar and trained to redeem the reward. It means simply to click on the button on the customer's phone screen. That is it! Easy and efficient, to make your customers happy and wanting to come back and do more business with you.