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Why Does Wompr Use Facebook for Sign Up?

Wompr provides businesses with a way to get more exposure. We achieve this by leveraging the biggest and most utilized social media provider - Facebook.

As a customer of a business that is part of the Wompr community, you will have access to perks, discounts, and promotions provided by that same business. All that is provided to you as a way for businesses to say "Thank You" for sharing your experiences with your friends on Facebook.

Wompr and all businesses that have joined us recognize how valuable your opinion is and how important it is to receive your honest votes. By sharing it on Facebook, you will let your friends know and introduce them to services and places that you have experienced. Your friends will also have the chance to visit and use them and eventually take advantage of these promotions too.

We work very hard with the businesses, members of Wompr, to ensure they recognize what a great value you provide to them by sharing your opinion on Facebook. We strive to make sure you are provided with good and valuable discounts and promotions all the time.

Your personal information is safe with us. We do not share it with third parties and guard it to the best of our abilities.